Womens Bib recommendations?

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Daniel B
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Womens Bib recommendations?

Postby Daniel B » Wed Nov 28, 2012 16:10 pm

Hello all,

my gf is after a pair of bib tights, and has put it on her christmas list.

I notice there are some available with the two seperate straps as per a gents pair of bibs, or the ones where the strap goes up the middle and then seperated.

Not having attributes such as a lady, I have no idew which one might be more comportable.

I have seen some Giordana bib tights on CRC that have the central strap thingamy.

Many thanks

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Re: Womens Bib recommendations?

Postby kilo » Wed Nov 28, 2012 17:35 pm

The mrs uses campag ones and been quite impressed with them, however she more often than not just uses non bib bottoms as if you're out for hours bibs are a bit of a faff at a toilet break, more so in winter when you have to disrobe your upper garments to get the bibs off, may be worth bearing in mind

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