Cycleman handbuilt wheels

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Cycleman handbuilt wheels

Postby bontie » Sat Jan 12, 2013 14:09 pm

Hi all,

I am considering a set of handbuilt wheels for a classic build - thinking of Ambrosio Excellight on Record hubs. A google search gave wheels on ebay by "cycleman". Have any of you bouhgt from him, how was the build? His prices seem very competitive.



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Re: Cycleman handbuilt wheels

Postby arlowood » Sat Jan 12, 2013 14:30 pm

Before you go trusting your cash to an Ebay seller, give some consideration for our own maestro of the wheelbuild - Ugo Santalucia. I believe Ugo is also well into the classic side of our obsession so he would be able to advise from a knowledgeable standpoint.

Recent thread will give you links to his blog:-


FWIW he built me a set last year working to a relatively tight budget - Novatec hubs with Open Pro rims. Great wheels - would recommend you give him a shout

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