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Postby mark1892 » Thu Apr 16, 2009 13:13 pm

Just thought i would give you a bit of feedback from the Dalby Demo day. I am looking for a full suss for my next purchase and thought i would try a few out to see what i liked.

First of all the booking process, i dont know if yous had gremlins to start with but i personally had no problems securing a ride on 6 bikes through the day, in the size i wanted and with a couple of breaks inbetween. received the calendar through email fine. Even though we couldnt pre-book a Trek or G.Fisher bike i just turned up on one of my free slots and took a remedy out, plenty of others to choose from aswell if required. had a bit of a delay(10mins) at the Santa Cruz stand waiting for someone to return the medium heckler, which in turn reduced my time available :roll: . Maybe a 5 or 10 minute buffer could be incorporated into the times to allow for turnaround :)

Location. Excellent venue, well organised. just one slight problem, the location on the map showed the demo day to be about 5 miles north west of Dalby forest itself, was this just down to inaccuracy of the post code?? I knew where Low Dalby was anyway so a case of just follow the signs from there to Dixons Hollow. :D

Bike providers. registration was easy enough and all the stands were layed out well. all very welcoming apart from one which i wont name on here. some nice freebies from some, others shud try harder :wink:

Demo route. A good mix of terrain and short enough to return the bike on time but not so short to not get a feel. Plenty of roots, steps, climbs and descents to work the bikes.

Overall, thoroughly enjoyed the day and look forward to this Sunday in Grizedale, which once again has been a doddle to organise on the calendar. make sure the sun is booked too 8)

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I am sadly dissapointed at Bike Demo Days 2010

Postby leshark » Mon Dec 14, 2009 13:55 pm

Just recieved my MB UK mag and notced an add for Bike Demo Days 2010, I was soo keen I logged on to see if I could book my bikes then noticed that the South West for some reason is being excluded from the equasion....did we do somthing wrong? I live just south of Bristol not at any extreme of the country yet the nearest demoday is over 3 hours away (160 miles)

Is this the final list of destinations?

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Postby nonnac85 » Mon Dec 14, 2009 17:44 pm

I noticed they have dropped Aston Hill this year as well. I know it had to be cancelled last year but that was due to the weather which cant be helped.
Why is there not one there this year MBUK?
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