SAVE 51% on Electrolyte Tablets only £6

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SAVE 51% on Electrolyte Tablets only £6

Postby DailyDeal » Tue Jul 26, 2011 08:34 am

SAVE 51% on Electrolyte Tablets by SHOTZ only £6.00!

Get the deal:

£6 instead of £12.25 for Shotz Electrolyte Tablets (51% Savings!). The Shotz Electrolyte Tablets - 20 sports drinks without the added sugar.

The Shotz Electrolyte Tablet formulation works by ensuring the most important electrolytes are replenished in amounts that closely match the electrolytes lost in sweat. The most important element in fluid replacement is how quickly a solution can move across the gut to re-hydrate and replenish. Shotz tablets does just that by entering the bloodstream quickly to restore optimal water and electrolyte balance.

There are 20 tablets per tube enough to make 10 litres

About the deal
Sweat happens, especially when you are exercising or competing at your all out highest level. This is the perfect time for Shotz Electrolyte Tablets. And with today’s deal you pay only £6 instead of £12.25 for Shotz Electrolyte Tablets (51% Savings!). Let’s face it, hydrating has never been this easy.
Shotz Electrolyte Tablets are the ultimate in portable, thirst quenching hydration. These convenient tablets dissolve quickly in water to help deliver the electrolytes you need to keep you hydrated. Just drop one sugar-free Shotz tablet into 500ml of water and away you go! Each pill contains a boatload of sodium, along with potassium, magnesium and calcium, quickly replacing what your body sweats out. No muss. No fuss. Easy to carry, easy to drink, and easy to rehydrate.
So when you need to hydrate, don’t mess with cumbersome, sugary sports drinks. Just reach for a Shotz Electrolyte Tablet. And when you reach for it today, you save 51% because you pay only £6 instead of £12.25. Because sweat happens.
What is in Shotz Electrolyte Tablets? Sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium
What’s not in it? SUGAR – think of your stomach as a filter and how much faster energy will move across the gut when you reduce the amount of sugar you are consuming through traditional/commercial sports drinks. The Shotz Tablet moves faster across the gut to rehydrate you and replenish lost electrolytes faster!
How is Shotz Electrolyte Tablets different to other sports drinks? Think of Shotz Electrolyte Tablet as a sports drink in tablet form (without all the sugar), the ability to be able to carry your sports drink wherever you go... simple, smart and effective.

Nutritional info: ... Lemon.html

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