Single Speed info

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Single Speed info

Postby fozzybear » Thu Jul 05, 2007 08:51 am

Just a basic helper for single speed info.
Why should you single speed? For me because i want to.

For everyone else here is something to read.

Those are the two most important resources for Single speed info.

firstly you will need a general S/S conversion kit, something like
this will fit MOST bikes for conversion. I had issues fitting it to a Specialized.

On some dropouts (see above in the guide from Sheldon Brown) some Specialized bikes will not suit a DMR S/S kit so i would advise the following


hub conversion

Half link - to shorten a chain by half a link IF you need to correct the length.

A single speed Crank can be bought
or you can (if possible) remove your old chainrings and fit a 32 or 34 tooth chainring. If you use this option you will need single speed specific chainring bolts as single speed ones are not as wide as the original ones.

If you want to single speed without using a chain tensioner then you can go here and use different combinations of front and rear cogs to make a tight chain without using a tensioner. (Note as a chain stretches obviously you will need to account for this) ... lator.html

need to know what ratios to run?

here is a good starting ratio.

55 is the magic number.

20" BMX. 55/20=2.75 44/16=2.75

24" MTB 55/24=2.3 36/16=2.25

26" MTB 55/26=2.1 33/16=2.06

29" MTB 55/29=1.89 32/17=1.88

Obviously not all sprockets are made in all sizes but this gives a basic overview.

also if you are running a rear hub that has an alloy "freebody" (word used as a general description for the part that the cassette slides onto) the thin cogs are not a good idea, Surly and Gusset do cogs with a 7mm wide base. the same as why hope recomend cassettes with a cog carrier for use on their Pro 11 hubs.

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