An Easy way to grease your pedals.

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An Easy way to grease your pedals.

Postby nicklouse » Sat Sep 08, 2007 21:23 pm

If you want to keep your pedals spinning smoothly here is a tip for you if you have pedals with a threaded bearing cover.

Here i have used the Gusset slim Jim as the colour allows for easy veiwing. :wink:

The bearing cover is black.


Remove the cover and fill with grease.


Refit and tighten and then remove.


as you can see the grease has been "pumped" into the pedal cavity.

you will need to repeat this 4-5 times you will hear and see when it is full as the grease will be pushed out of the far end.

and a bit out from the cover end.

wipe up and use.

this can be done with the pedals fitted.

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