Jimmy Saville "sex fiend"?

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Re: Jimmy Saville "sex fiend"?

Postby bianchimoon » Wed Oct 31, 2012 14:04 pm

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Re: Jimmy Saville "sex fiend"?

Postby dylanfernley » Wed Oct 31, 2012 14:47 pm

bompington wrote:
dylanfernley wrote:my thrust is the political culture that permits and encourages, sycophants and self serving creatures into positions that ordinarily would be denied them.
This was a feature of thatcherite govt, continued by Blair and is still there today-- special advisor is a nice loose term used.If that is loss of reason mr Bompington then so be it, its a view , i don't expect every one will agree, but nevertheless i would contest it is not much different today.

I wouldn't disagree with you on that. But I really don't think that either Thatcher or Blair were doing anything new here, "sycophants and self-serving creatures" have been around as long as politics.
But as for my point about the irrationality of singling out Thatcher for hatred, surely a proper Marxian analysis would point out that she was just the figurehead of a historical trend? ;-)

wouldn't disagree with you on that either, but she was particularly hateable, and revelled in that role-- she was from an objective view , good for the class that she represented. Unlike the so called labour leaders.....then again the labour party sold out long ago ...

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