Can't be just me?

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Can't be just me?

Postby SoloSuperia » Wed Nov 07, 2012 16:48 pm

I have just had a delivery of a Bosch jig saw.....
I bought it because you can change the angle that the saw cuts......God knows when I'm going to use that facility!
It also has a soft start and it was only £39 from Amazon.

So there I am reading the manual, yes I do subscribe to RTFM. I say reading but it is one of those manuals that is all pictures.

Looking at particular illustrations can't make head or tail of what it is...............

Have they forgotten to put something in?
Oh no it is part of another bit of kit that turns it in a one man workshop.

Could they not have made it clearer that it was not part of the basic jigsaw, I wouldn't have wasted 15 mins puzzling over a drawing of a bit of metal and a screwdriver!

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Forward loop
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Re: Can't be just me?

Postby Forward loop » Wed Nov 07, 2012 18:09 pm

oohh - deja vue from the spring and the start of my DIY.

though IIRC you can alter the base of the saw to obtain rough change in angle if needed

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Re: Can't be just me?

Postby team47b » Wed Nov 07, 2012 18:34 pm

I hate it when the instructions are in twelve languages, and not one of them is one you can understand, and only a few are even using an alphabet you can recognise :shock:
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