White tyres?

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Pete Beer
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Postby Pete Beer » Thu Jun 21, 2007 19:04 pm

Monty Dogcp
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Postby Monty Dogcp » Thu Jun 21, 2007 20:37 pm

veredestein & vittoria do white tyres - they do have a black central band tho'

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Postby pistonbrew » Thu Jun 21, 2007 21:39 pm

i'm quite enjoying a pair of vittoria rubino pros in white, coloured tyres aren't really my thing but they were free, sooo... the white does go yellowy quite fast. chain gloop makes a mess of the rear too, cleans off ok though. nice pair of hoops though, would get them again.

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Postby jonnywilkinson » Fri Jun 22, 2007 10:15 am

i am selling a nice White San Marco Rolls on ebay at the mo...

i have never seen an all white tyre - like Monty Dog said, vredestein & vittoria do black and white ones. FWIW the white soon looks pretty mucky.

i find Ecover is good for keeping the white saddles clean

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Postby firsthippy » Fri Jun 22, 2007 14:48 pm

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I quite fancy some white tyres for my fixie build - anyone know if I can get some? And a white saddle some to think of it.
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Postby Timeless » Fri Jun 22, 2007 16:30 pm

I have a white Spesh Alias saddle on my fixed, and they do the Toupe in white as well.

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