Shimano part codes

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Shimano part codes

Postby nicklouse » Tue Dec 04, 2007 15:11 pm

Shimano part numbers are of the form

Where AB and C are letters, and w, x and y are letters.

AB denotes which bit of the bike it is, some examples:
RD=Rear Derailleur
FD=Front Derailleur
HB=Hub (front)
FH=FreeHub (rear hub)
BR=Brake (caliper)
BL=Brake Lever
SL=Shift Lever
ST=STI levers (road or mountain)
FC=Front Crankset
BB=Bottom Bracket

C denotes which discipline. M for Mountain, R for Road, A or T for Audax or Touring.
So BR-Mwxy is a mountain bike brake caliper.

w is used to denote the product group:
M3xy and M4xy are below Deore
M5xy is Deore
M6xy is LX and Hone
M7xy is XT
M8xy is Saint
M9xy is XTR

The x is the 'major' change. M95y was the matt XTR, M96y was the shiny, M970 is the latest.
The y are minor variations. RD-M951 was the rapid-rise version of RD-M950. But otherwise they are exactly the same. They do similar things with front mechs and clamp sizes, too.

You also sometimes get letters after the codes. RD-M951 SGS is the SGS version.

Originally posted by BRS

Also Shimano Date Codes here so you can check out when your parts were made, a great resource for RetroHeads!

thanks to Andy B.

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