Giant Mph disc brakes, any ideas

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Giant Mph disc brakes, any ideas

Postby andy83 » Sat Mar 08, 2008 14:21 pm

but am about to blead my giant mph disc brakes, im usuing these as part of my newbuild and wanted to bleed them before use.

havent used the brakes yet as bought them sexond hand, anyone got any idea if they are any good and if there is a specific online tutorial for these as i know some disc brakes can be slightly different


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Postby Schmako » Sat Mar 08, 2008 14:41 pm

If i'm not mistaken they are the same design as old hope c2 brakes, not sure how to bleed them though.

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Postby S_J_P » Sat Mar 08, 2008 18:23 pm

Google's second hit for Giant MPH3 Bleeding is ... manual.pdf

Google's first hit is PedalOn's bleed kit for £6

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Postby J@mi3 » Sun Mar 09, 2008 09:54 am

Use them myself, they're ok, not the best but give decent stopping power (atleast for what i need). Resevoir is annoyingly large and slightly awkwardly placed, and the seals on levers (to keep them held in place, dunno if they're called seals but they prevent the lever going beyond the intended distancewhen not in use (i.e. popping out) ) breaks incredibly easily

previous owner should've got a manual with them when they got them, and the kit to bleed them yourself.
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Re: Giant Mph disc brakes, any ideas

Postby wayne669922 » Tue Dec 20, 2011 22:38 pm

i have looked everywhere to find information on how to bleed giant root/mph brakes and found nothing.
so i gave up looking and decided to just have a go and with a few hours of messing around i finally found a decent solution to bleeding these brakes properly!
here goes:

step 1 .. loosen the lever and tilt the lever upwards so the bleed screw (on the top of the lever is level)

step 2 .. undo the torx screw on the top of the lever (bleed screw)

step 3.. on the caliper there is a bleed nipple with a rubber cap , remove rubber cap

step 4.. fill a syringe (20ml) with MINERAL OIL and connect a small length of tube/hose on the end of the syringe

step 5.. place a 7mm ring spanner on the bleed nipple and secure the tube/hose with the syringe attatched to the nipple.

step 6 .. place some tissue of kitchen towel or something to absorb fluid around the caliper incase any fluid is spilt (keep well away from the pads! (some people remove the pads and front wheel but this way is just quicker and easier , just be carefull!))

step 7.. push the syringe so the fluid enters the system and starts coming out of the lever bleed screw (place a bucket or something on handle bars to catch the fluid) you should see some bubbles of air escaping , when you stop seeing air escaping and the fluid is continuos tighten the bleed nipple with the 7mm spanner and stop applying pressure to the syringe and quickly put the torx screw back in to the lever and do up reasonably tight.

step 8.. wipe off any excess brake fluid and spray with water.

step 9.. reposition the lever again so this time the top of the reseviour is level with the ground and pump the lever untill the lever starts going harder and harder and then it should feel very sharp.

step 10 .. reposition the lever again so you can remove the torx screw on the lever and top up the lever with fluid (with the syringe)

repeat steps 9 and 10 , 2 or three times to make sure there is absolutly no air left in the system ..

congratulations your giant mph/ root brake is bled and ready to roll!!
sounds difficult but read carefully its really not that hard!
any questions or complaints!! please mention!!

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Re: Giant Mph disc brakes, any ideas

Postby cooldad » Wed Dec 21, 2011 00:25 am

Holy thread resurrection. You did notice this thread was almost four years old?
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Re: Giant Mph disc brakes, any ideas

Postby Pudseyp » Wed Dec 21, 2011 08:24 am

Yeah....he sold the bike early 2010, left his wife and moved to a country retreat in the scottish highlands with his gay lover Tarquin and his dog butch.
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Re: Giant Mph disc brakes, any ideas

Postby andy83 » Wed Dec 21, 2011 10:29 am

I had the bike stolen over 2 years ago but pudsey, the rest may or may not be true!!

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