Whats your perfect TT day prep?

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Whats your perfect TT day prep?

Postby mikeh202 » Sun Apr 05, 2009 20:12 pm

Doing my 1st 10mile TT this week and wondering what I should eat/ do on the day itself. Usually comute 40 miles, should I drive to save the legs? What do you guys all do to warm up.Any advice and thoughts very welcome!

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Postby JoeyHalloran » Sun Apr 05, 2009 20:33 pm

erm, one thing i would say is during the warm up don't be scared to push the legs, 10 mile is, as for as endurance sports go, a sprint. Your legs need to be fired up the moment the timer starts ticking, do some close to or race pace in your warm up. Rest and sit down as much as you can throughout the day and try to snack a little more than usual to top up your glycogen supplies, eat something (like a sports gel) 15-20 mins before your start time. As for driving instead...i have no idea.

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