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Postby Chip \'oyler » Fri May 29, 2009 15:41 pm

Rich-Ti wrote:
mrushton wrote:the one from Cyclefit is £1700 i think. What is the budget?

I'm not spending £1700 on a 'cyclefit' frame either, regardless of who builds it!

Budget is flexible - don't really want to spend more than £1500 (can get the RS for less that £1500 with my club discount), but will spend £2000 if the frame is absolute perfection.

And for me perfection is all about the right combination of a great fit, stiffness & comfort and good looks... except I probably put way more emphasis on the latter than most, which to be fair is another reason why Viner are off the list - their looks just don't do it for me.

TBH I don't like the Viner colour schemes - but seeing as they were custom building it I got them to do a design of my own. That's the beauty of getting a company to build something for you - you can change things.

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Postby BikeDynamics » Fri May 29, 2009 18:10 pm


Sounds like you have had enough Bike Fittings but if you fancy another go, come and see us at

If we did manage to get you into a comfortable (but maybe impractical) position, we can overlay any published frame geometry and predict what sort of stack height and stem lengths they would need to replicate it. See here for an example


Mike at BikeDynamics

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