Build Up order for a typical Mountain Bike

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Build Up order for a typical Mountain Bike

Postby Steve_b77 » Thu Jun 04, 2009 11:11 am

After a post in Work Shop & Tech about what order you should do things in when it comes to building up a bike from scratch.

This is how I've gone about it on my last two builds, one being a Cove Handjob (HT) and the other a Nicolai Helius CC (Full Sus).

The process is essentially the same as the majority of Full suss frame will come with the rear shock already fitted.

It is essential that you consult the instructions for all items of Kit and components that you intend to fit, as torque levels of bolts, nuts etc are item specific.

Anything you are unsure of to the point where you think you'll be doing more harm than good, it is best to take the part/parts down to your local bike shop and have them fit them for a fee that will inevitably be less than the potential of having to buy new components due to fittment errors.

Buy stuff - everything you know and think you'll need. You can always take unused items back at the end of the build. This includes tools such as good quality allen & torq keys/sockets and specialist tools such as BB spanners and head set presses, the latter of which can be made simply (there's plenty of info on google for this)

- Fit Seat Post & Saddle - don't forget to grease the seatpost
- Attach bike to work stand
- Fit BB
- Fit Headset
- Fit Cranks
- Fit front mech - align with inner & outter chain ring by adjusting stops
- Fit Forks - assemble with stem, spacers then cut the steerer as required
- Fit Stem & handle bars
- Fit Shifters
- Fit Rear Mech
- Fit Gear Cables
- Fit Cassette to rear wheel
- Fit rotors to wheels - now would be a good time to fit tube & tyres as well.
- Insert Rear Wheel into Frame
- Fit Chain (Big/Big + 2 links) & join with quiklink or SRAM power link
- Fit Cables to mechs (leave plenty of spare @ end)
- Set up rear mech on stops
- Index rear mech
- Adjust Front Mech
- Trim & Crimp cables
- Fit & align Brakes
- Fit Front Wheel
- Trim Cable ties etc
- Fit Frame protecting patches and chain stay protectors as required - you gotta keep your pride and joy looking nice.

Gentle Test ride for setting up of forks/shocks as required.

DON'T forget, consult your instructions, check stuff on the internet and if you're unsure get a professional or an experienced friend to do it, it's always cheaper than a new part :D

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Postby nicklouse » Sun Jul 12, 2009 00:07 am

the park tools list/order.and links to How Toos.

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