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Nauticus - Commander Charles Edward Reade

Postby Richard Barrett » Wed Mar 24, 2010 22:26 pm

Under the pen name of Nauticus, C E Reade wrote a series of early cycling books including 'Nauticus in Scotland - A tricycle Tour of 2,462 Miles, Including Skye and the West Coast' back in 1882!!! It was commissioned by the Boys Own Paper and then published.

For anyone interested in early cycle touring, the book is a hoot. He rode a Coverntry Machinists Cheylesmore Tricycle (as supplied to HRH The Prince of Wales, King of Siam and others of note) taking it over some horredous roads and getting it repaired by local blacksmiths. No slouch either averaging about 40 miles per day and sometimes getting up to 70 or 80.

But who was this man and what happened to him later in life?

He was born in Reading on 1 April 1842 (making him 40 at the time of the Scotland ride), but after that he just disappears from public records. I can't find him listed in any censuses after 1871 (when he was listed as being on leae from the navy at his parental home at 32 Northfiled End, Henley) nor any record of any marriage or death.

So anyone know anything else about him?

PS Reprints of his books can still be got from Amazon and occassional older editions via Abe Books.

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Postby Wooliferkins » Thu Mar 25, 2010 10:02 am

Have you posted this on the CTC forum? Bound to be someone in the know thereabouts.
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