Fulcrum Racing 5 Bearing Replacement

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Fulcrum Racing 5 Bearing Replacement

Postby TheBigYin » Wed Jun 02, 2010 14:04 pm

I've got a pair of 2006 vintage Fulcrum Racing 5's which have developed a distinct notchyness. I reckon that this winter has just been too much for the poor old cartridge bearings.

I've just spent the last hour or so trawling Fulcrum's website for service details as to how to get the old bearings out to no avail. Jim Walker's website has the bearings and end caps as stock items so they must be service replaceable, but it'd be nice to have some form of details before wading in with the Barnsley Socket Set and a Pointy Stabby Thing

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Postby andy_wrx » Wed Jun 02, 2010 14:30 pm

2006 pre-Evo, 24 & 27 round spoke R5's ?

Yes, I have a pair too.

Best documentation I've found on Fulcrum's site is at the Tech Docs page
http://www.fulcrumwheels.com/jspfulcrum ... world=road

Look in the spare parts catalogue for 2006 and you'll find exploded views, etc
http://www.fulcrumwheels.com/repository ... e-0606.pdf
- see pp17/18

Not had the bearings out, but stripped the freehub off and relubed from this - remove locknuts and nudge axle out, I presume the bearings will just nudge out too.

Basically a lot of parts are interchangeable from the old pre-Evo R5 and the current R7 - check the current year's part catalogue and compare parts numbers - so if you can get for the R7 it'll usually fit.

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Postby TheBigYin » Wed Jun 02, 2010 14:54 pm

andy_wrx wrote:2006 pre-Evo, 24 & 27 round spoke R5's ?

They're the very ones - I'd found the exploded diagrams, all the bearings & end caps are the same, be it first or second gen. versions, so that's cool - i just wondered if there were any special recommendations when it came to removal / refit (especially if the refit involved particular flavours of loctite etc.)

Having said all that, I stripped them down 'till I could see the bearings this morning and gave everything a good old squirt of cleaner, followed by some fresh grease, and although they were still notchy when re-assembled, I took 'em for a spin for a hour or so, and they feel pretty good now. I'm really looking to get prepared though, as they're definitely on the way out I reckon.

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Postby Monty Dog » Wed Jun 02, 2010 18:55 pm

Once cartridge bearings are on the way out, there's little you can do to save them. Removing / refitting is straightforward - there's no need for Loctite, just the ability to press the new bearings in firm and square.
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Re: Fulcrum Racing 5 Bearing Replacement

Postby jimmo62 » Sun Mar 11, 2012 15:00 pm

Just to refresh this thread - I have just replaced the bearings on my Racing 5s. I ordered some generic 6001RS bearings from ebay - about £6 inc postage. There's a video guide on youtube showing the dismantling procedure which is worth a look before you start:


They use a tool to remove the old bearings but you don't need this, you can simply drift the old ones out with a piece rod and hammer working round the perimeter of the bearing gradually. Very straightforward. Fit the new bearings using a socket of suitable diameter and hammer them in.

All in all it took about 20 mins including removal of cassette etc.

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