Rockrider 8.0 - anyone seen or tried one? as good as 8.1?

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Rockrider 8.0 - anyone seen or tried one? as good as 8.1?

Postby Midnight Tboy » Thu Aug 19, 2010 19:04 pm


OK i've been running through various websites now trying to narrow down my search for bikes. I haven't ridden one since my school days about 18yrs ago so want to get back into it.

My budget is pretty much £400.....I don't want to go too overboard yet, burn a bit of fat off (I'm 6ft and currently about 17stone so want to lose a bit of weight and this is a good reason to do that - aswell as get out with the son more while he's learning to ride his first bike....with hope of progressing on from there.)

I'm currently deciding between the Carrera Kraken, Carrera Vulcan Disc, Rockrider 8.0, and GT Aggressor XC 3 and XC 2. ... 62/#TAILLE

I can't however find any comments on this Rockrider 8.0 despite searching around.

I can find reviews of the 8.1 but it looks like they don't sell that one anymore (the website does list the 5.1 at £499 on the main bike page but get a page does not exist message when try to bring up the details of it.

Does anyone know if this bike is well worth the money or worth opting for one of my other choices instead? I can't even compare it to the 8.1 with the 8.1 page not loading to see what it has lost from the 8.1 to make it cheaper.


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