Bike carriers for Children's bikes

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Bike carriers for Children's bikes

Postby catherineb » Sun May 20, 2012 16:02 pm

Having had an unsuprisingly unhelpful visit to a local car / bike dealer can anyone advise us on the best type of bike rack to carry 2 adult and 2 children's bikes - the salesperson wasn't sure if the tow bar mounted ones would fit a childs bike but we already have a roof box for camping so don't really want a roof one .... any ideas? Thank you

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Re: Bike carriers for Children's bikes

Postby oxoman » Sun May 20, 2012 16:43 pm

I have thule towbar mounted rack which i have had 2 adult bikes on plus my 12yr olds MTB and the 6 yr olds small bike. You have to be a bit inventive on strapping the 6 yr olds on but easy enough.
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Re: Bike carriers for Children's bikes

Postby madtam » Mon May 21, 2012 16:20 pm

Look at the basic design and how the bikes are mounted. The majority of rear hatchback or even towball mounted types tend to have a couple of arms over which you suspend the frame on it's top tube. These are fine for conventional frame bikes of medium to larger sizes but can get tricky for some full suspension designs and for smaller childrens frames.
As an alternative some rear towball mounted types have an arrangement where the wheels are supported (and tied down) and there is an upright arm to secure the top tube or similar. These stick out a bit more from the back of the car but are probably a bit kinder to the bikes.
I have previously used the more common rear mounted carriers with the twin arm arrangement and did manage to secure 5 bikes when mounted on the rear spare wheel of a Land Rover. However, I have been using a tow ball mounted Pendle rack for a while now and fitting 5 bikes on it is easier and more secure. The bars that the bikes sit on are adjustable in length so different wheelbases are easily catered for except for the smallest frame which initially I simply lashed to the next bike. As kids grow up quickly all the bikes now fit fine.

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