Rear hub bearings

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Rear hub bearings

Postby extrusion » Tue Jul 17, 2012 11:49 am

Hi guys

Am i just unfortunate or is it "the way I ride the bike" as my "friends" have suggested.

Have a specialized crosstrail that whenever ridden in wet weather, or standing water, the next day the bearings get rattly and dry i.e. water gets into the hubs. Fixed on a number of occasions but eventually asked Tredz/Specialized to sort out and they were brilliant, ended up with a new wheel (without even seeing the old one)! Haven't ridden it since fitting yet.

Anyway, rode my Ribble Gran Fondo through the monsoon yesterday (approx 20 miles at a decent lick, im sure the rain lubricates the tyres and makes it easier!) and guess what, today I have dry balls! Rear hub again.

Is it inevitable, is that just what happens or is it because I adjusted the cones when I first got the bike and left them a little too loose (they were initially too tight, a bit rough when spinning)? I'm going to replace the bearings when i get home (cup and cone), plenty of grease of course, should I tighten them so they are a bit rough like when i first got the bike??

Any advice appreciated

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Re: Rear hub bearings

Postby MichaelW » Wed Jul 18, 2012 17:22 pm

On my unsealed cup and cone hubs I pack as much grease as I can. Racing types use much less but I figure if the hub is full of grease, then no water or road muck can fit. Generally, by the end of a winter of everyday commuting, the bearings are still in decent shape and there is no water inside.
Check the cones for pitting. There should be no binding or roughness or side to side movement of the rim with C&C hubs, even cheap ones. Adjusting them is a skill you have to learn. I get them roughly correct, tighten the locknut then fine tube by tightening the locknut(+cone) as a unit (against the other side of the wheel), or backing off by losening the cone (+locknut). You only need slight movements, 1/16 turn.

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Re: Rear hub bearings

Postby centimani » Sat Jul 21, 2012 14:55 pm

Specialized hubs, i read nothing but people having problems with them, so that'd reasonably explain whats happened to those (that'll also explain why they replaced the wheel, without a fight )

The Fondo wheels, you say you adjusted them a little loose...not the best thing to do really, but perhaps its better a little loose than too tight. Too tight and you're going to potentially damage the hubs quite quickly. For that reason, dont re-adjust them tight as you suggested you might.

I thinks its just co-incidence. Spesh hubs are known to be inferior, you adjusted the Fondo ones a bit slack.
Rain in the hubs....who knows, perhaps thats co-invidence that both, different sets of wheels have lass than perfact water protection.

Bear in mind when adjusting hubs with QR, adjust them a tad loose, just a tad, then when the wheel is clamped in the frame, it takes out some play. Its all just practice to get it right.

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