How do I download a map to Garmin?

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How do I download a map to Garmin?

Postby mhelman1 » Sat Aug 11, 2012 15:18 pm

I just joined, and found some great maps from other people. I have put them in my favorites. Now I would like to download them to my Garmin 605. I could not find anything in the tutorials. How do I download maps?

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Re: How do I download a map to Garmin?

Postby teulk » Sat Aug 11, 2012 18:22 pm

Now this may be the long way to do it but i don't have my Garmin to hand to test and this is the first time i have tried. I have just exported a route to my PC by clicking on Export/Embed tab. Where it says "export GPX" click GO. Save file. Now this is the iffy bit - i don't know if the file you have just saved will work fi you copied that to your Garmin, i do know that if you upload it to say Bike Route Toaster as GPX file it will open ok and you could then Download it to your Garmin. Long way of doing it but like i said i don't have my Garmin to hand to check.
I'm almost certain that someone will be along shortly to tell you the easiest and quickest way tho'.
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Re: How do I download a map to Garmin?

Postby Cleat Eastwood » Sat Aug 11, 2012 20:07 pm

I do believe Garmin 605's only take .tcx file - garmins proprietry track file. So, if the 605 is anything like my old 205, heres what you do. Download the .gpx from bikely (under the share tab>Download .gpx)

Then upload the gpx file to here

and have it convert it to a .tcx file and then shove in on your garmin. It will be hiding i the courses menu. Bit of a faff but it works.
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Re: How do I download a map to Garmin?

Postby Carbonfiberboy » Thu Sep 27, 2012 18:16 pm

Well it's a little complicated since bikely doesn't generate Garmin standard GPX files. Bikely does make decent cue sheets, though, so it's still worth using.

This is what I do:
With the route to be downloaded open in bikely, click on Share/Download GPX.
Download it to somewhere on your computer, so that you'll remember where it is.
Open (BRT) You'll need to join, but it's free.
Click on Course Creator then, on the new menu, Courses.
Choose Upload File, and upload your previously downloaded GPX file.
You'll see your course on the map, though without your cues of course.
Now click on Summary and you'll see some choices to make. Make the course name short. Make them and download your new file.
Before I make that last choice, I go through the route on BRT in Map view and elevate every turn to a Course Point. Then I save it as a .TCX file and download that TCX file to my Garmin.
Yeah, it's a lot of work, but you get both a cue sheet and a Garmin route that works.

I haven't tested the GPSies method used by a previous poster. That might work, too.

If the folks at bikely would pay any attention to their users and fix these problems, we wouldn't have to use other software to fix theirs.

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