Training program

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Training program

Postby StrathRC » Sat Sep 01, 2012 16:57 pm

Can anyone give me advice /send me a link to a typical(detailed) track specific training program? Preferably one that combines rollers, weights + time on the bike (preferably relevant to sprinting but endurance stuff useful too).
Many thanks

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Re: Training program

Postby oldwelshman » Sun Sep 02, 2012 13:05 pm

Well the programme would depend upon what even(s) you wish to ride

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Re: Training program

Postby markrulesok » Sat Sep 08, 2012 21:48 pm

i dont ride track (want to tryit!) but have an interest in training for other sports i do, and your gym routine would probably look pretty similar to a 100m sprinters (squat and deadlift your main lifts)

in terms of that check out its geared at running and jumping athletes but theres a big crossover with anything that needs explosive power.

as for time on bike, from reading i know the GB sprinters have 3 hour sessions on the track and focus on different aspects of the race in each session.

if you're an amatuer though i guess treat it like any sporting passion; hit the gym and train hard, and get on every local velodrome session that focus on the events/skills you wanna work on.

and if you wanna get stronger, make sure to eat loads :)

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