Can any advise on Cyclocross bike

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Can any advise on Cyclocross bike

Postby mickisup » Thu Oct 04, 2012 06:12 am

Eldest really getting into this now and has asked for own bike. I was planning to get a road bike but have been advised that a CX would cover both bases pretty well for the winter - with a change of tyres etc. However I haven't got a huge budget and am struggling to find a small adults CX bike. Can anyone advise options?


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Re: Can any advise on Cyclocross bike

Postby meesterbond » Thu Oct 04, 2012 07:50 am

Depends what the budget is really... there doesn't seem to be much out there new for under £600 (a Giant of some description). Then there are a few around £700-800 (Focus, Cannondale, Genesis etc) I guess demand is still reasonably low so there's not the volume to produce much lower priced ones than that.

I've just picked up a secondhand Kenesis from the classifieds here. Should cover both winter and CX bases once I get a pair of mudguards on it. There were quite a few available secondhand, many claiming to have very few miles on them (mine looks practically unused) so I'd suggest that route first.

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Re: Can any advise on Cyclocross bike

Postby gwillis » Thu Oct 04, 2012 13:24 pm

I have a Caadx 105 and it's a blast . I use it for offroad duties and road by just swooping the wheels overs . I've seen them go on eBay for under £700 less than a year old or new currently for £979.
The geometry is more forgiving than a full on race cx bike .

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