New Eggbeater rebuilds.

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New Eggbeater rebuilds.

Postby scale20 » Thu Oct 04, 2012 21:03 pm

Just looking at getting a new set of egg beaters. They have the egg beater 1,2,3 and so on, I take it
the higher end ones can be rebuilt but can the 1 or even the 2?

Ive had a read online but cant find anything in the pedal description that says they can.

Cheers. :)
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Re: New Eggbeater rebuilds.

Postby bennett_346 » Thu Oct 04, 2012 21:07 pm

avoid. buy shimano clipless pedals.


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Re: New Eggbeater rebuilds.

Postby ride_whenever » Thu Oct 04, 2012 21:50 pm

AFAIK you can get all the rebuild kits, best bet is your local bike shop so you can get exactly the right kit from 2pure.

The new ones are brilliant, however stick to 3's and above as the bearings are considerably better, the needle/cartridge combo is excellent whereas the cartridge bushing combo isn't so snazzy. That said, the 5 year warranty is pretty good on them.

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