Oddest other cyclists you've met

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Re: Oddest other cyclists you've met

Postby nickellis » Thu Oct 04, 2012 17:11 pm

There is a guy I've seen a couple of times on Borough High St, Saaaf London, who wears an American football helmet. He always seemed to look quite pleased with himself as well.

I was was crack up when I see him.
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Re: Oddest other cyclists you've met

Postby Brian B » Thu Oct 04, 2012 17:43 pm

I met a tramp like guy at the top of the col de croix der fer a decade ago who had cycled up on an old ramshackle of a steel bike but one of his legs was wooden from the knee down and he had flat pedals. Despite me having very limited French I managed to have a lenthgy discussion with him(well I watched while he wrote in French in the dirt as if he thought I was deaf) for around 30mins. I gave him a powerbar gel and bar as he looked to me like he needed a feed and he and he shook his head and laughed but he consumed them anyway. He was a bit weird. Turned out he was pretty famous and in the French 100 col club and found this out later when I saw him in a french mag.

Also on the road to Peebles from Edinburgh I used to see guy at the weekend cycling in a full deer stalker outfit, thin as a whip and with a proper thin tash - also had a stiff upper lip.

Also got 'chased' recently with a fat yob around 18 years old on a BMX as he called me gay while going through a border village and I called back in front of his mate that it takes one to know one. I let him tail me until he got red in the face then stopped and got off my bike. He saw how tall I was and he about turned but not before he called me gay again. Wait there thats not odd its usual. :P
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Re: Oddest other cyclists you've met

Postby Smokin Joe » Thu Oct 04, 2012 18:04 pm

Cleat Eastwood wrote:Theres a guy I pass a few times and he's always crouched like he's riding into a head wind and he's always arguing with imaginary people

Him: "who the F told you that about me, you C, I'll effing get the police on you"

Me (passing by): All right mate.

Him: Morning. So you tell your effing mother shes a effing whore.

He is teh oddest I've seen so far.

Yeah, well I thought you were a bit odd too with that pipe sticking out of your mouth :evil:

And don't call me mate next time you pass me.

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Re: Oddest other cyclists you've met

Postby Kieran_Burns » Thu Oct 04, 2012 19:27 pm

Chunky Cyclists need your love too! :-)
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Re: Oddest other cyclists you've met

Postby AchillesLeftKnee » Fri Oct 05, 2012 08:33 am

Cleat Eastwood wrote:Theres a guy I pass a few times and he's always crouched like he's riding into a head wind and he's always arguing with imaginary people

Him: "who the F told you that about me, you C, I'll effing get the police on you"

Me (passing by): All right mate.

Him: Morning. So you tell your effing mother shes a effing whore.

He is teh oddest I've seen so far.

Little bloke, always gurning, Europcar kit maybe?

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Re: Oddest other cyclists you've met

Postby fast as fupp » Fri Oct 05, 2012 08:48 am

non-smoking man- a merseyside legend. this meff used to 'ride' around the area as far as southport on an old racer festooned with cardboard anti-smoking messages. used to kick off if someone walked past him smoking.

may no longer with us,sadly. :cry:
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Re: Oddest other cyclists you've met

Postby edhornby » Fri Oct 05, 2012 08:49 am

fossyant wrote:
The Little Onion wrote:A few years ago, there was a student who used to commute along Oxford Road in Manchester (big road, where the university is located) everyday on a unicycle. A hipster fool who was widely ridiculed.

I've spotted him a few times !

I know who you mean - I forget his name but he used to work at GBH cycles in the northern quarter, nice enough lad but also used to ride brakeless fixed mountain biking...
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Re: Oddest other cyclists you've met

Postby Bunneh » Fri Oct 05, 2012 09:07 am

Saw a elderly lady, I'd say in her 90s, going at some serious pace along the road. I wouldn't say it was odd, more disturbing to my eyes since she was in full lycra and her breasts would have made great disc brakes...

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Re: Oddest other cyclists you've met

Postby ethanhayes » Fri Oct 05, 2012 20:36 pm

By far and away the boom box guy of Manchester.
Black chap, casually rides around with a massive boom box on the back of his bike, usually playing reggae music very loudly, seems to do this all day and night too - I've seen him at 7am in the morning and at 4am after a night out!

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Re: Oddest other cyclists you've met

Postby Yellow Peril » Fri Oct 05, 2012 21:27 pm

craprider wrote:Image

Did i win the internet?

Yes finding a picture of an albino version of the last Plantagenet King wins the prize.

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Re: Oddest other cyclists you've met

Postby colinsmith123 » Sat Oct 06, 2012 16:16 pm

Anyone from the Merseyside / Cheshire / North Wales area remember, Shady Lady? looked about 80 years old. Always wore a yellow jersey, did no more than 14 mph and would cover 1000's of miles every year, and had the highest pitch voice. And a back problem. Igor from young Frankenstein will help paint the picture. Whilst I say he never went more than 14 mph even downhill, there was one time when the club went past him on the road on the way back to Two Mills Cafe. And he hopped on the back. We upped the pace. He stayed on the back. The pace went up again and club riders were dropping out the back. But not the Shady Lady, he hung on all the way back to The Mills. We then knew he'd earned his right to the yellow jersey. A few riders were so ashamed they were never seen again!

Another recollection; a newbie came out on a club ride one time with the Port Sunlight Wheelers, and I always recall this conversation between Davey Jones and the newbie:

Is there any special requirement to join the PSW?, asks the newbie, of Dave.
'Are you a bit weird? Dave asked back
'No' came the reply rather indignantly.
'Well you can't join us then!'

So I will add all PSW members to the oddest cyclists I've met. Me included. Well weird!
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Re: Oddest other cyclists you've met

Postby Rolf F » Sat Oct 06, 2012 16:39 pm

badly_dubbed wrote:posted this on here a few years back...but this guy was the oddest ive met!

doing hill repeats on an oversize unicycle, middle of winter...black ice everywhere in just a thin longsleeve top and no helmet and a beard about 4ft long lol


I'm more impressed that he is carrying a sign post as well!
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Re: Oddest other cyclists you've met

Postby ademort » Sat Oct 06, 2012 18:03 pm

Around 10 years ago while still married i was to attend my brother in laws birthday party. The weather that day was glorious and as it was about 40 Kms from my house it gave me the opportunity to go by bike and allow the wife to take the kids in the car.On approaching a set of traffic lights i could not help but notice two men approaching from my left hand side. As they reached the lights i noticed that one of the men was about thirty and the older man around fifty five or sixty. They had matching batavus racing bikes, and wore black leather shorts and matching waistcoat. They also had a couple of ounces of gold around there necks, effin hilarious i can tell you. Only in Holland thats all i can say.

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Re: Oddest other cyclists you've met

Postby ALIHISGREAT » Sat Oct 06, 2012 18:17 pm

Not odd for any bad reason.. this guy was just an absolute monster.

Destroyed everyone on the hills and wasn't even wearing proper shoes! :shock:

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Re: Oddest other cyclists you've met

Postby Widgey » Sat Oct 06, 2012 18:46 pm

Not met this cyclist but today was an experience. A woman cycling along a bus lane and comes to a parked car in front. Instead of just overtaking she cycled up to the car, dis mounted walked the bike onto the pavement, around the car then back on..

Very strange.

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Re: Oddest other cyclists you've met

Postby Pinno » Sat Oct 06, 2012 20:13 pm

Some of you might have come into contact with Micheal or 'Squeaky' as he is popularly known, with the most screeching of high pitched voices. He recently did the Edinburgh - London ride and has done the Drumlanrig sportive and Solway coast sportive. Squeaky must spend 1000's on the latest kit and £pence on bikes.
Christ, how to cut a looong story short. Well, I can't.
Squeaky is not the brightest. He used to come out with the remnants of the Stranraer Wheelers. He was A) Very slow and B) F***ing dangerous when riding in a group, weaving all over the road. I gave him a pair of Sidi shoes once to try out as he wears trainers despite being on his bike everyday and is often seen walking around town with his full bike kit and no bike. The Sidi's came back with "nah, nay gid te me". No thanks or nought. Squeaky got banned from riding with us as he was just too much of a liability.
Last sportive, begged my three mates for a lift to Dumfries. One of them capitulated and told squeaky to be ready for 6am. He got there and squeaky was in his dressing gown and rubbing his eyes. After a frantic half hour, Andy got squeaky in the car still eating his weetabix on his lap and put the bike with its wheels unbolted on the back seat.
Squeaky did the short 40 odd mile route starting an hr and a half after Andy who did the full 80 odd mile route. Squeaky was so late back Andy went home without squeaky. You can imagine what Squeaky said to Andy when he got back. Squeaky apparently was seen walking up the hills.

3 weeks ago, I was cycling along and low and behold squeaky is in the middle of the road ahead of me. I quickly catch him but decide to be polite and not leave him lagging. I thought I would put up with him for a while.
Squeaky to me "Are you a proffessional ? Smart bike, where did you get it ?". I was bewildered as he must have remembered me from years back. "No squeaky, I am not a pro, the bikes made up from bits here and there".
I rode along at a much reduced pace allowing squeaky to breathe. After 2 miles there is a dip in the road just yards from a stiff hill. Squeaky ups the anti and attacks me, puffing and panting furiously, constantly looking over his shoulder, smiling/grimacing as he looks back. 30 yds up the stiff little climb, thinking I will wait for him at the top, I ease past through the wavering gap between me and him and all I can hear fading into the distance is "F**king b4astard, F**king b4astard ". I decided to go on my way.
2 days later, passing, on the opposite side of the road, there's squeaky waving to me and ringing his bicycle bell, big smile on his face. !!
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