Why can't our club get a team?

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Re: Why can't our club get a team?

Postby Monty Dog » Mon Oct 08, 2012 16:27 pm

Whilst training in a club is important for race skills and fitness, there's no reason you can't ride races on your own. If you've not raced before you'll probably find it hard enough to get a few quality finishes under your belt before you need to start worrying about what your club mates are doing. At that point, it may be worth considering joining another club, particularly if you're now in a position to contribute to how the team performs. The majority or riders in 4th Cat races are merely hanging-on to try and finish.
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Re: Why can't our club get a team?

Postby saprkzz » Mon Oct 08, 2012 17:49 pm

Yeah I know what you mean, and your right, i think another reason to race with mates is a confidence thing. I am one of these people that motivates when others around me do. Like cycling on a sunday morning, i will go out if no else is up for it, but i would much rather go out with a equally abled mate. In a race if they race off its no problem, but registering / turning up / waiting for the start will boost my confidence if i have someone to chat with.

Not just in cycling either, i am like it for things like walking in a pub, going shopping, etc i will do it on my own, but would rather someone else there! :roll:

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