Dirty disco vs salsa warbird

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Dirty disco vs salsa warbird

Postby ollychristian » Sun Oct 07, 2012 15:51 pm

I'm looking to loose some weight on my tourer/bikepacking bike.
Currently got salsa Fargo, running xt/ultegra components. Recently ditched the big tyres and went down to 32c with good results.

But I'm thinking the frame is just a bit porky, and as I don't really do much if any off road I would quite like to loose a couple of kilos.

I had my heart set on the dirty disco framest. Now I've heard of the salsa warbird I can't quite decide.

What do you all think?

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Re: Dirty disco vs salsa warbird

Postby bobinski » Mon Oct 08, 2012 19:01 pm

The dirty disco doesnt have mudguard or rack fittings.I considered it and the went with the Kinesis crosslight pro 6 which does have these fittings, if you need them, but has a sligtly racey geometry too. Its is also much more comfortable a frame than the steel frame it replaced, an On One pompetine which is surprising given its aluminium. I run an alfine hub and discs but it can take a derailer too.
http://www.kinesisbikes.co.uk/products/ ... ght/prosix

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