Nottingham routes

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Nottingham routes

Postby Jamesnotts » Mon Oct 08, 2012 17:06 pm

Hey I'm trying to work out a 10 mile route from bestwood to the city centre (during rush hour unfortunately) anyone know a good route I can steal?

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Re: Nottingham routes

Postby Torvid » Mon Oct 08, 2012 20:52 pm

I could be out of date as it's 12-13 years since I lived round Nottingham but if your by the university hospital your almost in the centre Edwards and woodbrough road would be my way in but that's no where like 10miles
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Re: Nottingham routes

Postby Mouth » Mon Oct 08, 2012 21:12 pm

Whichever route you choose there'll be a few hills. Perhaps Bestwood (assuming near the police station)-Arnold-Mapperley-Gedling-Netherfield-Sneinton is the way forwards. I can personally vouch for the bit between Gedling to the city being about 5 miles and is flat. The stretch up through Arnold to Mapperley will have short, sharp climbs regardless of whether you choose Breck Hill Road or Gedling Road. Another slightly longer option is to head through Arnold towards Calverton then coming back along Mapperley Plains and down Woodborough Road.
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