Fat burners?...

Get fit for riding.
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Re: Fat burners?...

Postby SpeedFræk » Sun Jul 29, 2012 10:01 am

Thanks for that, added to my recipes! :mrgreen:

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Re: Fat burners?...

Postby skooter » Tue Aug 21, 2012 13:38 pm

I have read somewhere that drinking lots of water with exercise also helps..

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Re: Fat burners?...

Postby J_asonR » Tue Oct 02, 2012 17:12 pm

I used to be a heavy weight gym fanatic with a dream to become a natural bodybuilder..

Fat burners work, but only due to the high amounts of caffein.. It will increase your metabolism but pretty much as soon as you're off them, it'll go back to normal.. Bodybuilders used them close to a show to drop the fat, and then (as you've probably seen) they get fat right after the shows again!..

In terms of biking, I think the best thing to do would be to eat sensible and increase your time on the bike.. To get over a wall, you have to jump.. So get out there and do work!

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Re: Fat burners?...

Postby kammybear » Thu Oct 11, 2012 22:16 pm

DanDax1990 wrote:Can anybody recommend some fat burning tablets that actually work?

The good stuff contains Ephidrine but it's legality is a grey area. You can only get it through a pharmacist but stuff like eph is freely available online.

You can't just take it, you have to excercise as well but it makes you into a superhuman, no joke. You will run faster and further. Cycle faster. Lift harder weights and Revovery times will be shorter.

Side effects include possible heart failure, death, hunger supression, nose bleeds, headaches, bad temper. Sweat spots.

But fark me does it work!

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Re: Fat burners?...

Postby Rankles » Mon Oct 22, 2012 21:56 pm

I am quite open to supplements from my weight training and always use a pre workout supplement and post workout protein when weight training, along with a recovery/sleep aid occasionally although that borders on my limit of what I want to be putting in my body.

That said I did try a fat burning matrix from a well respected brand in the former supplements as their other products are very effective.

I found the fat burners however to do nothing except suppress appetite and increase energy slightly (they contained caffeine so just a bit of a coffee esque buzz).

The appetite suppressant worked well but I believe in eating regularly so it just meant i was eating based on time rather than hunger. WIth the amount I train appetite is an important thing, as is nutrition.

I think they're better for bodybuilders who literally need to starve themselves to lose those last few body fat % before a competition, as for anyone else it's counter productive and unhealthy.

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Re: Fat burners?...

Postby sammysideways » Fri Oct 26, 2012 07:47 am

Im soon to qualify as a Personal Trainer. MOST fat burners dont work very well, as the increase in fat burning efficiency is small but I do reccomend Optimal Nutrition Fat Burners.

As mentioned you can consume not enough calories slowing your metabolism. Try to drink water regularly with 5 meals a day to help increase metabolism. Ditch fatty items for good fats(fish, nuts etc), use quality carbs from wholemeal products etc and consume decent protein especially after training.

if you pm me and supply me some personal details i can knock up a guide on your macro nutrient intake and give you a well balanced diet.

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