Scuff on carbon frame - from water bottle

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Scuff on carbon frame - from water bottle

Postby notnot » Sat Oct 27, 2012 17:40 pm

Like a muppet, I managed to knock my water bottle down through the bottom of the bottle holder - so the bottom of the bottle hit the frame. I thought it was just a bit of dirt, but having tried to wipe it off it turns out the bottle has scuffed the frame :( It looks like it has scuffed off a small bit of the paint and left a small white mark (I do mean small - the damage covers less space than a finger nail).

Would this be sensible just to leave? You can't see it when the water bottle is on, anyway. Or should I look at some kind of DIY patch-up? I can't see how a (plastic) water bottle would have done much damage to the frame, given it wasn't knocked through with any great force and the frame also has to take being hit by stones thrown up from the road etc... Though if it will need properly checking out, I do have accidental damage insurance (with an excess) for this type of stupid accident.

Seem to be having a stupid day today. Busted my light fitting going over a small bump in the road, and spent ages trying to figure out where my rear wheel was rubbing - after adjusting brake pads, it turned out to be a leaf stuck between wheel and frame...

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Re: Scuff on carbon frame - from water bottle

Postby Escadrille Ecosse » Sat Oct 27, 2012 18:48 pm

I feel your pain, crap thing to find you've done to your bike.

You seem though to be worrying about strength in which case I wouldn't worry in the slightest, carbon fibre is extremely tough. If you don't believe me check this out

and no they didn't break any frames or wheels making the video, just one puncture.

If it has a gloss lacquer finish then try some T-Cut or similar colour restorer and elbow grease followed by some wax polish. If it's a matt finish then this is less likely to tidy up cosmetically but still worth a try.
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Re: Scuff on carbon frame - from water bottle

Postby Bikeit65 » Sat Oct 27, 2012 23:17 pm

If the gloss lacquer is scuffed i think you would be better to use a very fine grade cutting compound, T-Cut is a more aggressive cutting polish.
i have even removed scuffs, scratches from car paintwork and iphone screens with Brasso, the wadding type.
Good luck
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Re: Scuff on carbon frame - from water bottle

Postby notnot » Sun Oct 28, 2012 11:48 am

Thanks. Assuming I don't need to worry about the damage to the frame getting worse, I'll probably just leave it - annoying to have done, but you can't see it when I'm riding the bike...

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