Saddlebag - recommendations please (DryBags?)

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Saddlebag - recommendations please (DryBags?)

Postby RJKflyer » Sun Nov 04, 2012 17:36 pm

Am looking for the smallest saddlebag that can (just) accommodate the following:

1. Road tube
2. Levers
3. Two CO2 cylinders
4. Lezyne CO2 valve
5. iPhone
6. PVC gloves
7. Small multi-tool (Lezyne RAP6)

Sorry if this seems a daft Q but I'm going mad trying to actually unpick inside versus outside versus god-know-what dimensions from various websites, so figured I'd rather ask those who must have done same...

Am keen on the idea of Topeak Drybags - anyone tried them? And clip versus strap?

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Re: Saddlebag - recommendations please (DryBags?)

Postby wishitwasallflat » Sun Nov 04, 2012 19:36 pm

Dont know Topeak ones but I have one of these

great bag, will fit all you list as would dual or even perhaps the uno (I think)

bonus is they won't rub on the inside thighs of your shorts/tights and destroy them!

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Re: Saddlebag - recommendations please (DryBags?)

Postby MattC59 » Sun Nov 04, 2012 19:48 pm

Have a look at the Lezyne Micro Caddy ;

I've got the small one and and can fit the following in:

Small multi tool
Two tyre levers

It's a bit snug, but it goes in. The bag is very well designed and has pockets for everything. The medium should fit everything you've mentioned.
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