Cervelo R5 VWD

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Cervelo R5 VWD

Postby manwithnoname65 » Tue Nov 06, 2012 11:24 am

I currently ride a Specialized Roubaix Expert 2009 model, and have recently been into my local bike shop where I see Cervelo are knocking out the 2012 R5 VWD frame for almost half price at £1750. I`ve read glowing reports on various Forums but seek anyones views on Bike radar as to whether I`d notice much difference in road speed between the two, particularly going uphill. I live and ride in Cornwall where every journey seems to be constantly going up hills. If I were to exchange, I`m undecided as to whether to get a complete build ( approx £4000 all in ) or just get the frame and wack the Ultegra bits off my Roubaix onto it. For info I do anything between 30-70 mile rides locally and the occasional 100 mile Sportif.
Any advice would be welcome...be gentle with me ! :)

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Re: Cervelo R5 VWD

Postby mroli » Tue Nov 06, 2012 18:32 pm

TBH a R5 is going to make little difference to your ability to go up hills. The better and more cost effective thing to getting quicker going up hill is more riding up hills (which you will do a lot of in Cornwall).
Get the R5 if you fancy the look of it and want a new bike and can afford it. Don't buy it because you think it is going to be a magic potion to get you up hills quickly. Say it weighs 500gr less than your current bike. That's the weight of a bottle of water. Next time you ride up a hill try riding it with 1 full bottle and then without the bottle of water. I'm not sure you'll see much (if any difference). Especially on Cornish hills which are very steep, but mostly fairly short.

I think the wheels on your bike (if still stock) are around 1730grams. Depending on your size, you could get a set of wheels that could drop close to the 500gr on your wheelset for a lot less than £1750.

People on here can do the sciencey thing a lot better than me, but your current bike is more than good enough for you (and me and probably 99% of the people on here). But that's not the question - do you WANT the Cervelo?!

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Re: Cervelo R5 VWD

Postby speshsteve » Tue Nov 06, 2012 19:05 pm

if you do get it, I would just swap over your ultegra. Diff between DA and Ultegra is marginal apart from the price of course.

I went form a roubaix elite to R5 and have no regrets, much better frame in my opinion and very noticeable but it won't make you that much quicker!
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Re: Cervelo R5 VWD

Postby meesterbond » Tue Nov 06, 2012 19:40 pm

Never ridden a Roubaix but the thing that stood out most with the R5 after an RS was actually the descending. It corners like it's on rails.

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Re: Cervelo R5 VWD

Postby highlander777 » Tue Nov 06, 2012 20:34 pm

Hi - I moved from a Roubaix to the R5 + Mavic R-Sys SLR. big difference for me. Love the ride. Also, I have shaved minutes of my 25k, 35k, 50k & 90k rides... Also, quicker uphills. The hardest is Bison hill which is 10% for a mile. Well, it's hard for me being the wrong side of 88kg and 45! :-)

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Re: Cervelo R5 VWD

Postby letap73 » Tue Nov 06, 2012 20:43 pm

How would the cervelo R5 VVD compare to a Cannondale Supersix EVO ?

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Re: Cervelo R5 VWD

Postby Mccaria » Tue Nov 06, 2012 21:22 pm

Geometry is very different. I was looking at the Evo and the 58cm has a 57.5 cm top tube and a 17.5 cm head tube, whereas for a 58cm Cervelo with a 58.1cm top tube, the head tube is 19.9cm.

Cervelo has been moving towards taller head tubes, whereas Cannondale has a more aggressive front end. If you prefer a low front end then Cannondale would be a better fit, whereas the only way to get lower on the Cervelo is a negative rise stem. Alternatively if you need a bit more height at the front Cervelo would be a better fit.

I went with the Cervelo, would have required too many spacers on the Cannondale to get a position that worked for me.

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