gym stairmaster thingy

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gym stairmaster thingy

Postby poynedexter » Wed Nov 14, 2012 21:42 pm

to try and add some variety to my gym cycling training, i've twice used the what amounts to a rolling stair case machine. i have used it after my spinning sessions for 30 mins each time. it seems like a great way to trainin at steady heart rates and the gravy pours out for sure. its all thighs and calves and theres no cheating possible as the machine sets the pace.

surely this machine has cycling benefits since weights are off the menu mostly? have any of you guys used this equipment before?

ps and before someone says just cycle more, i'm wanting to add a little variety just. cycling on cold dark nights or on the turbo can be depressing :lol:

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Re: gym stairmaster thingy

Postby rando » Thu Nov 15, 2012 12:35 pm

We have these in our gym and I use it a couple of times a week. Find it a really good CV workout. The machines are not that well used in our gym though mainly due to people trying them and finding them hard work ! Also the gym chain I belong to has stopped replacing them when equipment comes round for a refresh. They only kept them at ours after a few members (including me) complained about losing them.
No idea if it helps my weekend cycling though but very good for improving overall fitness.

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Re: gym stairmaster thingy

Postby KingOfTheTailwind » Thu Nov 15, 2012 14:09 pm

Yeah I use this occasionally. Usually after a run on the treadmill or a Spin class. As a noob I've no idea if it has any carry over to cycling. Hard work though, especially on a higher setting.

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