Excellent article on Doping etc

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Excellent article on Doping etc

Postby disgruntledgoat » Fri Nov 16, 2012 14:30 pm

Lengthy but a fascinating read


Referring to pro athlete endorsements of performance enhancing drugs like Viagra, and the public’s eager adoption of these chemicals into their lifestyles, Hoberman writes in “Testosterone Dreams” that “stars and fans alike thus share in a ritual of performance enhancement and medical redemption in which anyone can participate… such advertising weaves the ethos of performance enhancement into the fabric of everyday life and points to the social respectability of performance enhancing techniques.”

Leave those gels alone!
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Re: Excellent article on Doping etc

Postby Nick Fitt » Fri Nov 16, 2012 15:47 pm

Here comes the LA pr/defence machine imho.
"Not criminal

While criminal proceedings in France helped spur the IOC into creating WADA, Hoberman feels criminalizing sports doping in the U.S. is not a way forward. Jailing athletes “is just a diversion” from addressing root causes, he says. Instead, he suggests understanding how the circumstances of being a pro cyclist representing both sponsor and country affects a rider’s mindset."

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