Raised saddle = inner groin/thigh pain

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Raised saddle = inner groin/thigh pain

Postby CleeRider » Sat Nov 17, 2012 08:38 am

Before my last ride, I raised my saddle as I felt my legs weren't extending/stretching enough. It feels just right now but 15 miles into said ride I started experiencing pain on the inside of my leg, 1 or 2 inches from the groin. This became very painful and I could only manage another 10 miles. It felt a little like cramp because if I pushed my knee away from the bike with foot still on the pedal, it stretched the muscle and the pain eased for a minute. It affected the left leg much more than the right.

The pain wore off over the next 48hrs.

Question is... Have you experienced something similar and does it sound like:
1. Cramp
2. Muscles that weren't being used before and therefore the pain will continue for a couple of rides while they get used to being worked.
3. I have the bike setup wrong and I'm risking injury.

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Re: Raised saddle = inner groin/thigh pain

Postby sungod » Sat Nov 17, 2012 08:54 am

certainly 3, probably also 2, with perhaps a bit of 1

there're umpteen online guides, one is...


done methodically, diy can get you the right saddle height and position, the tricky bit is bar height/reach which a fitting jig allows to be adjusted easily, whereas on the bike it's not that straightforward

it is possible that you won't be able to get the 'perfect' fit with only adjustments to the bike and cleats, some people also need wedges/shims/footbeds or other adjustments to get things just right
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Re: Raised saddle = inner groin/thigh pain

Postby T.M.H.N.E.T » Sat Nov 17, 2012 08:57 am

Sounds a lot like hip flexor strain,something that would exacerbate a shortened muscle.

http://www.physioadvisor.com.au/1042865 ... psoas-.htm

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