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Re: TdF n' Thomas

Postby greasedscotsman » Mon Nov 19, 2012 11:22 am

Richmond Racer wrote:
inkyfingers wrote:
greasedscotsman wrote:
Richmond Racer wrote:is a Prada handbag your new signature post, Greased? Cos otherwise that's the most useless musette I've ever seen

It's a Prada?

Did the Mrs tell you she bought it from Primark?

She'll just say that its a knock-off, Greased, and you'll be none the wiser :)

This maybe explains why she was so upset when she was given one of these...


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Re: TdF n' Thomas

Postby prb007 » Mon Nov 19, 2012 15:48 pm

greasedscotsman wrote:
prb007 wrote:1st Welshman to win the TdF.
I'll put a fiver on it...
Apart from Richmond Racer, you're all full of it...
Bet AGAINST him - I dare you!
I double dare you (a la Pulp Fiction!)
If Brailsford says it can happen, and Geraint
wants it enough, it will come to pass.


SWISH...thats the sound of a swinging handbag!
Wossup, greased, smarting cos Irishmen have won the
TdF, an Englishman just did and a Welshman will, shortly,
yet no Scotsman on the rise to take up the mantle?
If Wales was flattened out, it'd be bigger than England!
Planet X Ti Sportive for Sportives & tours
Orange Alpine 160 for Afan,Alps & dodging trees
Singlespeed Planet X Kaffenback for dodging potholes
An On-One Inbred for hard-tail shenanigans...

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