Alternatives to Defy 1 and Synapse 5

What bike and bike bits should you buy?
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Alternatives to Defy 1 and Synapse 5

Postby starbuck » Mon Nov 19, 2012 16:52 pm

I'm looking to get a bike mainly for sportive type riding.

Just went into my LBS to check availability of the Defy 1 and Cannondale Synapse 5 (105 spec) as I'm due to get my bike to work voucher (cycleplus) for £1000 in the next couple of weeks (I was leaning towards the defy, but the synapse looked good as well)

They said that the availability of both of the bikes is now Feb/March which he said it would be the same with other shops due to supply.

Merlin have a Sensa Trentino pro(£999) within budget which has a mix of 105 and ultegra

Another LBS stock Trek and Merida. The Merida is £849 and the shop have said that Merida make frames for Specialized (think they own most of specialized) and Cannondale:

On the plus side of the Merida - I can get it at an LBS and the service that goes along with it.

On Merlin's side, it's a full carbon fork and I haven't seen Ultegra on any other bike at this price (although it then makes me wonder if they've skimped on anything else to get some ultegra stuff on it).

Any opinons on the above 2? Any others I should be considering?

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Re: Alternatives to Defy 1 and Synapse 5

Postby jfrankland1991 » Mon Nov 19, 2012 23:05 pm

I would highly recommend the Defy 1. I was lucky enough to get a 2012 version a few weeks ago and I am so happy with it, such a brilliant first road bike in my case

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Re: Alternatives to Defy 1 and Synapse 5

Postby elderone » Tue Nov 20, 2012 00:25 am

I,ve just got a focus variado 2.0 which is same spec as defy 1 .definitely worth a look but you wont go wrong at this price range.
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Re: Alternatives to Defy 1 and Synapse 5

Postby Ricey83 » Tue Nov 20, 2012 13:03 pm

If it's the Defy 1 you're after try ... -2013.html They have a Giant Concept store @ Rutland water and managed to get me a Defy 4 in 3 days where as other bikes shops were quoting 6 weeks minimum.

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