Help: XT front Derailleur Parts

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Help: XT front Derailleur Parts

Postby CB900F » Tue Nov 20, 2012 00:52 am

Hoping that someone can offer some advice on this.

The XT front dérailleur that I have on my commuter bike has gone wonky. I've traced the problem to a missing screw or pin on the parallelogram that moves the dérailleur . I took it to a shop but the mechanic told me that parts to replace the missing pin or screw are not available. Seems a bit odd to me!

You can see in the dérailleur picture below (not mine but similar ) the two pins in the upper parallelogram - I'm missing the top one.

Any one know first if this is a screw or a pin and second if replacements are available? Thanks for any advice.


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Re: Help: XT front Derailleur Parts

Postby nicklouse » Tue Nov 20, 2012 00:53 am

not a service part.

new mech time.
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