Cramp whilst riding and after!

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Re: Cramp whilst riding and after!

Postby tuxpoo » Wed Nov 21, 2012 11:06 am

lee170 wrote:I suffer from really painful cramp towards the end of a ride and after the ride to, sometimes I can't move just locked up,thighs and calfs solid. I know it has a little to do with fitness but I am reasonably fit, commute 30 miles a day to and from work. I drink plenty of fluids including electrolytes.
I get cramp of the toes quite alot to, sometimes just when lay in bed or sat down.
Does anyone else suffer with cramp bad who has maybe tried some other products to alleviate cramp

Any help is very much appreciated


I had this and messed about with electrolytes, calcium, potassium etc even carefully ensured i was hydrating correctly. Eventually I found the cause.. not getting enough carbs while riding. Normally can start after about 2-3 hours if Im not eating enough while riding. But can be quickly resolved by upping my mixture. If I leave it i can end up crippled with pain for days.

Rule of thumb is if the cramps are in the working muscles, its fatigue/glycygen related.
If its in other areas then its hydration/electrolyte problem.

Thats what I found.


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Re: Cramp whilst riding and after!

Postby YeehaaMcgee » Wed Nov 21, 2012 13:47 pm

Interesting information, Tux.

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Re: Cramp whilst riding and after!

Postby lee170 » Sat Dec 29, 2012 13:39 pm

Thanks for the help
(And everyone else to for that matter)
It is definitely in the working muscles. Just legs(calfs,quads,hamstrings) sometimes toes
I have since realised that I ain't putting enough sachets into bladder!! In use sis sachets but only put 1-2 in a 2 litre bladder.
Will try upping the sachets and eating more, I generally eat bananas, raisins, flapjacks whilst riding.
Are there any others that are vital or would help,
I only ride leisurely not competitively but like to ride all out. Average around 15-20 miles on a regular Sunday morning outing.
Dalbys 23 mile route really sets the cramp in around the 15-18 mile mark. Then I can barely ride or move for the rest of the ride!!

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