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Postby wellbeloved747 » Wed Nov 28, 2012 20:41 pm

A while back when I wanted to get back into biking I picked up a Carrera centos from halfords. To get the the track it was about a 3 mile road stretch and I wanted to commute more so I got a road bike and it was infectious. I am currently building a top of the range carbon road bike however as everyone at school has mountain bikes and being at the foot of the moor I believe it it time to invest.

I will use the bike for riding in wet condition and up and down the moors .

A full Suss has always been appealing so I believe I may get a full Suss but will I bet better with a 26 inch or a 29 inch?

All advice is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Back to MTB

Postby stuisnew » Thu Nov 29, 2012 08:01 am

From the little you have written it sounds like you want a mountain bike to keep up with other more than actually wanting one!

Personally I would suggest you start out on a hardtail, but you haven't given us enough to go on.

What kind of riding will you be doing?
What are you local trails like?
Do you like going out for all day jaunts or messing around?
Is speed the most important thing to you?
What is your budget?

Don't spend a huge amount on something that you haven't fully bought into. You may hate it and stick with road bikes.

If your friends have mountain bikes why not try some of theirs to help steer you in the right direction?

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Re: Back to MTB

Postby Cat With No Tail » Thu Nov 29, 2012 23:48 pm

As this is all pure fantasy anyway, why not go for something s-works.

Epic or Enduro, or what the hell, stick both in your sig.

You'll need a DH bike to go with that too.

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Re: Back to MTB

Postby The Rookie » Fri Nov 30, 2012 08:00 am

He'll want an Urban bike, NS Surge would be nice, an XC so a Trek Superfly Elite (Al for budget), Trail, so a Pivot mach429 would tick that box, All Mountain, and then a DH, no point messing around.

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