Shimano Spares M785 LH Lever

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Shimano Spares M785 LH Lever

Postby DoubleYouEss » Mon Dec 03, 2012 14:12 pm

Due to coming off my bike on saturday I have manage to damage my Shimano M785 LH lever.

Luckily all the impact was on the Silver cap part no# Y8VC04010 (LH LID)
I have removed this and there is slight damage to part no# Y8VC98060 (LH Separator Unit)

I called Madison and they tell me that even though on the shimano tech site they are identified as separate part numbers they cannot get them at all.

If they are not obtainable why would Shimano give these parts unique codes? This is seems ridiculous where can I get these from?

Any help greatly appreciated!

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Re: Shimano Spares M785 LH Lever

Postby cooldad » Mon Dec 03, 2012 14:40 pm

Because they need part numbers anyway.
New levers from CRC.
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