What age pedals?

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What age pedals?

Postby samsbike » Fri Nov 23, 2012 16:16 pm

My son has just tried 3 and he is small for his age.

In fact he probably closer to a 2-3 in terms of clothing size.

He can whizz around with his balance bike like a champ and although I have a halfords 12" special, its heavy and he struggles.

Am I best leaving it till he gets a bit older or should I think about investing in an islabike?


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Re: What age pedals?

Postby baudman » Sat Nov 24, 2012 20:00 pm

Plenty of 3yos graduate to pedals. And yes, plenty have done it on heavy kid's bikes made for stabilizers.

However, I'd always advocate buying the lightest first pedal bike you can afford. That way, they'll learn faster, ride easier and want to ride more. They'll also be able to ride in a greater variety of situations and handle the bike better themselves.

Caveat - my kids ride mainly for transport, and then secondly of course for fun.

When transitioning - do the pedals-off method as often mentioned on here. Don't do the backwards step of stabilisers.
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Re: What age pedals?

Postby samsbike » Sat Nov 24, 2012 21:09 pm


Tom Butcher
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Re: What age pedals?

Postby Tom Butcher » Fri Dec 07, 2012 11:16 am

Mine graduated from stabilisers to pedals at 3 - I had decathlon bikes where the stabilisers screw off by hand so you could give them a go and then put the stabilisers back on easily there and then so it wasn't all or nothing. I know people hate stabilisers on here but each to their own - mine had a balance bike and didn't like it - ended up giving it away. I'd recommend the decathlons anyway with or without stabilisers.
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Re: What age pedals?

Postby scrumpymonkey » Fri Dec 14, 2012 14:15 pm

Got my lad a a CNOC14 for his 3 birthday and I'd say he was about average size. He could just touch the floor when he first had it but within a couple of months, I had already put the saddle up. He started with the aforementioned peddles off to help with the transition from his balance bike. Check the Islabikes guide on sizing,

http://www.islabikes.co.uk/bike_pages/p ... web-c2.pdf

which is spot on, if you get him something too big there may be a risk it will knock his confidence.

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