Which European bike park?

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Which European bike park?

Postby dhooper7 » Sun Dec 02, 2012 09:35 am

I've started looking into a trip for next summer but don't know where...
Not been before you see...

I ride a 6" bike and like to ride hard and fast in the south Wales trail centres.
Looking for more than a few chairlifts to cover lots of ground. Plenty of drops, gaps and jumps would be great, but nothing too big! The scenery is pretty important as is the nightlife.

Morzine/Les Gets seems like the obvious choice but I've been told by a few people it's crowded and the trails are overridden...

What are your thoughts?
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Re: Which European bike park?

Postby UH DH » Mon Dec 03, 2012 18:19 pm

I don't know what Chatel is like at night in the summer, but it might be worth staying in Morzine and just going further out into the PDS.

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Re: Which European bike park?

Postby bluechair84 » Wed Dec 19, 2012 20:38 pm

The Summer season at the ski resorts doesn't push a fraction of the amount of money as in the Winter... I've stayed at Morzine and Alpe D'huez and there really didn't seem to be any night life at all! I wouldn't call the trails crowded, you see enough people about to make you feel safe about crashing, but you're rarely waiting for anyone or being caught by faster riders.
The stuff at Chatel is big too. Veery big. I can clear 20'ers easily and I barely touched the jumps there. Les Gets is much more manageable and the variety of jump is spread around smaller numbers. As UH DH says though, if you base yourself in Morzine, you can get to Les Gets and Chatel easily enough on the PDS ticket.

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Re: Which European bike park?

Postby scottfitz » Thu Dec 20, 2012 07:51 am

Chatel & morgins trails/resorts at the best PDS.
Morzine & les Get were busy with lots of bracking bumps and long ques for the lifts.
Base your self in chatel great access to swiss trails and still get across to Morzine & les Get (Do it mid week when its not so busy)

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