Mountain Biker turning Roadie

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Mountain Biker turning Roadie

Postby XTC2009 » Sat Dec 29, 2012 20:47 pm

2013 is a new year with a new challenge. I won't be able to go Mountain Biking as much as I have done this year, and as all of my riding is now on the road with the occasional towpath thrown in I've fitted slicks. I've drawn up a list of events that I want to do - the former CRC MTB Marathon series where I can, but mostly the road sportives as I've never done those before and I fancy a new challenge. I'm also planning to do a few charity road rides too, with my target being to match my PB of 100km and possibly to smash it with my first 100 mile ride.

For this, I will need a proper road bike. Something fast, efficient and comfortable enough for long days in the saddle. Nothing too flashy. It doesn't need to be a carbon fibre superbike with all the bells and whistles. My main focus is one something with at least a Shimano Sora groupset, and possibly but not essentially a carbon fork. I'm not that flexible and I have previously suffered from lower back pain courtesy of some stubborn muscles that don't stretch as much as I would like - my physiotherapist told me back then (a decade ago) that I was fine to cycle but to steer clear of race bikes because it would aggrevate the problem. So subject to an update on that situation a full on stretched out low down racer might not suit... frame Geometry has changed a bit since then though so hopefully there's something out there for me.

I've been looking around for a few months now at the new 2013 bikes below £1000 and I have drawn up a potential shortlist:

Specialized Allez Sport
Trek One Series 1.2/1.5
Giant Defy
Whyte Kings Cross/Charing Cross

I am planning to test ride all of these before I make my final decision, but in the meantime I thought it would be useful to get an opinion from you guys to see what you think?
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Arthur Scrimshaw
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Re: Mountain Biker turning Roadie

Postby Arthur Scrimshaw » Sat Dec 29, 2012 21:03 pm

to save time, discussion and debate get the Giant Defy 1, came top as best bike for £1000, can fit mudguards too. No I don't own one although I came close to buying one as a winter bike, in the end I went for something a bit heavier duty (a CX bike)

Oh yes, welcome to road riding, I made the same journey a few years back, made the mistake of buying a flat barred hybrid as a stop gap, don't waste your money, go straight for the real thing. It's inevitable!

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