Tacx Blue Motion & Garmin Forerunner 301xt with GSC 10

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Tacx Blue Motion & Garmin Forerunner 301xt with GSC 10

Postby Greenhill1973 » Tue Jan 01, 2013 16:44 pm

Dear All,
Happy New Year!

Help required please!

I was bought the above Tacx trainer for my Christmas, which I have assembled and enjoyed over the last few days, my question for the forum is with some help I need in the area of connecting the above Garmin with Cadence Sensor up to some sort of Virtual Trainer on my ipad or Laptop with the aim that it would give me such results as a pre defined course to follow with times, calories burned, RPM, distance time etc?

At present the Garmin watch can give me times and distance via the Cadence sensor but i would prefer it all the link with a computer in real time letting me see the results as i train on a screen! You get a CD with the trainer which gives you courses to follow but it doesn't sync with the Garmin gear.

Any help or thoughts would be really appreciated?


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Re: Tacx Blue Motion & Garmin Forerunner 301xt with GSC 10

Postby GiantMike » Tue Jan 01, 2013 17:01 pm

Hi, welcome to the forum

I suggest you download Golden Cheetah v3 (it's free and brilliant) to your laptop and then you can load your files into it for analysis. This will give you a good understanding of how your HR varies with your power output (speed, assuming you leave the resistance in the same place and ignore any errors as a result of it warming up).

The only way to get the live data you are talking about is to invest in an ANT+ dongle (then your HRM and Garmin GSC10 transmits your wheel speed and HR to your laptop) and you could use Trainer Road (there's a thread all about in on this forum) or Golden Cheetah (I think) to run live data and a multitude of workouts in real time.

Search the Golden Cheetah and Trainer Road threads and come back if you have any questions. Even if you don't go down the dongle route (and at £25 why wouldn't you?), do get Golden Cheetah.
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