Need Help, my head hurts!

What bike and bike bits should you buy?
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Need Help, my head hurts!

Postby Phoenix76x » Tue Jan 08, 2013 19:55 pm

Hi I am looking at purchasing a road bike and have finally narrowed my bike choices down to 3. ... _56479.htm ... _56801.htm ... _57369.htm

I have settled on the Tiagra setup, prefer the look of the Scott but it has a compact setup not sure whether this would be better or not?
The Cannondale has 700x25's on, which i would prefer being 6' 2" and over 200lbs. Silly question possibly, but can I fit 25's on the bikes that come with 23's without changing wheels?
Is there much difference between the 3 in terms of quality of build and warranty?

I have been riding a Cube hybrid for the last 2 years and now want to upgrade to a road bike, I will not be going crazy, most rides will be limited to 20-40 miles.
Any help will be appreciated, I have read so much into it in terms of crank lengths, tyre sizing/pressures and geometry that my head hurts!!

Thanks in advance


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Re: Need Help, my head hurts!

Postby smidsy » Tue Jan 08, 2013 20:02 pm

You can fit 25's to any of them.

The compact refers to the front chainring (50/34) where as a standard double is (53/39). For a beginner a compact is certainly an advantage.

All 3 are fairly similar so try them out and get the one that feels best.
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Re: Need Help, my head hurts!

Postby antonyfromoz » Tue Jan 08, 2013 20:20 pm

Definitely trybefore you buy if you can do so> Before I bought my Bianchi I tried a number of bikes and some of them, in particular a Scott which on paper was a better bike, just felt wrong to me. These bikes are loved by other riders but i don't for a moment regret not buying one... As mentioned above, the compact chainset will be of help especially if you have hills to climb. Crank length tends to be dictated by the frame size so i would not worry about that now. Buy one and enjoy!

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Re: Need Help, my head hurts!

Postby ricky1980 » Tue Jan 08, 2013 23:27 pm

Aspirin for the headache :)
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Re: Need Help, my head hurts!

Postby arlowood » Wed Jan 09, 2013 16:05 pm

At your height and weight I would be more concerned about the wheels and how robust they were.

You say you prefer the look of the Scott but the wheels supplied have the lowest spoke count of the three bikes listed (20 front and 24 rear). While this might be ideal in terms of keeping the weight of the wheels down it does raise questions about the long term strength of the wheelset.

The Cannondale wheels have a 32/32 spoke profile and the Felt wheels are 28/32 based on Mavic CXP22 rims which are generally regarded as bombproof. So unless you are looking to upgrade the wheels in the near future I would be leaning towards the Felt or Cannondale

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Re: Need Help, my head hurts!

Postby Monty Dog » Wed Jan 09, 2013 17:26 pm

Yes, wheels are what's important as you seek to shed some weight and certainly the 20/24 spokers on the Scott aren't likely to survive very long on our pot-holed roads or if you want to avoid the bike to be spending a fair bit of time in the workshop. Certainly 25mm tyres are a great idea as they have 20% bigger volume over 23mm. I'd also ask the shops concerned whether they do a wheel spoke tension balance as part of the pre-delivery assembly - many wheels are machine-built and generally are not tensioned sufficiently when new, a decent mechanic would sort this out before it leaves the shop.
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Re: Need Help, my head hurts!

Postby Phoenix76x » Thu Jan 10, 2013 15:05 pm

Thanks to all for the replies, I wasn't aware of the difference between the spoke counts on them, but will certaintly bear that in mind when trying them out. The aspirin also helped.

Thanks again


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