73mm x 124.5 Bottom Bracket

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73mm x 124.5 Bottom Bracket

Postby jshingler » Thu Jan 31, 2013 18:54 pm

Hi ..first post here goes ...

I have a Trek Marlin 29 Mountain Bike bough in 2011. It has started making a clicking noise when load is applied to the pedal (especially the r/h side). The bottom bracket is a VP-BC-73 cartridge ...73mm x 124.5mm axel. I cannot seem to source one anywhere. Any ideas ...can I get away with a 73mm x 122.5?



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Re: 73mm x 124.5 Bottom Bracket

Postby supersonic » Fri Feb 01, 2013 13:47 pm

Will be fine. (unless your crank only clears the chainstay by 1mm).

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