Carrera Subway

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Carrera Subway

Postby GirlNaBike » Mon Feb 18, 2013 13:11 pm


I will skip the introduction. As i no good at them anyway. I hope i have posted in the correct section and i apologise if not.


I stupidly purchased a bike from Halfords typically a Carrera Subway, I choose the Subway as i wanted a bike primarily built for the road. So this hybrid was almost sufficient with the reviews i read. After i picked it up and a week later i took it out for its first ride. i noticed the headset a pedal and a few other bolts were loose. The front disc brakes also didn't appear to be working. riding it just felt weird. So Having not much experience working with bikes. i popped into my local bikeshop. and explained what i had noticed. The mechanic gave the bike a quick going over taking notes of his finds and came across.

A loose Headset
A loose pedal
The Handlebars wasn't centered
The forks were on back to front
There were no brake pads in the front disc caliper
The saddle wasn't lined up with the top tube
The front mech wasn't securely tightened to the seat tube
The rear mech hanger wasn't securely bolted to the drop out.
The quick release on the rear wheel was not secure.

He was shocked by his discoveries. He deemed the bike not fit for the road. he insisted i take the bike back to halfords. file a complaint and demand that the bike be serviced and properly setup. so i went back to halfords angry an explained to them the situation. Although very apologetic they gave me a brand new bike. Well that's what they said. Anyway i took the bike back to the same bikeshop and the mechanic once again went over it. This time the only problem he found was gear related. So that got sorted in no time at all. So 6 weeks pass and im hardly ever out on it due to the appalling weather we have had in Scotland. i take it in for its 6 week service. And 20 mins later after a wander round halfords my bike is ready. That was a month ago. on Saturday i take it out for its first proper run and 5 minutes into my cruise i feel the back end doing something weird. i stop, i look at the back wheel give it a spin..and FFS the wheel has an almighty kink in it. its ******* buckled. :?

i take the bike back into halfords and explain to the mechanic. that a cycle feels like i have a pringle shaped rear wheel.

An hour or 2 later they true the wheel to as best they could. :? its better than what it was but still looks a bit kinked. This morning as the weather looks crisp and clear i at last decide to commute to work. upon arrival at my workplace. For my peace of mind i check the rear and its severely buckled again. its worse than what it was. This is starting to really annoy me now. and i want a refund. or a new wheel or another new bike.

i don't want it repaired iwant either my money back a new bike or a new wheel.

What should i do. ?

Should i hate carrera ?
or should i hate halfords ?
or is it their ****head bike specialists. ?
maybe i got a dud. (reject) ?

I wont get a refund. (will i ? ) im not going back to halfords im fed up with them. I could have gone for a voodoo hoodo or a carrera vulcan but its still halfords. I hate halfords. As*h*l*s.


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Re: Carrera Subway

Postby Huckfinn » Mon Feb 18, 2013 15:59 pm


A couple of options

1)Take the bike back to halfords and show them the buckled wheel and ask for a new wheel, which you should get as its faulty, as long as the buckle cant be put down to incorrect or misuse.

2) Take the wheel to the local friendly bike shop and ask them if they could re tune the wheel, this might cost you about £15 but at least it should be done correctly.

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Re: Carrera Subway

Postby supersonic » Mon Feb 18, 2013 16:15 pm

If the bike was supposed to have been built and PDId then the list of things wrong to start with is inexcusable.

Parts do need to bed in though, so a few niggles are to be expected (adjustments and so on - and then routinely after the 6 week check).

The wheel is harder to explain. As long as you are sure that you have not knocked it then I would be pushing for a replacement. I don't think it will be truable.

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