thicker tires on same wheels question

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thicker tires on same wheels question

Postby soiram » Wed Feb 20, 2013 23:19 pm

Hello, first post here, although I have been reading the forums for a long time. Sorry if the post is in the wrong place.

I am researching the market for a fitness bike to use in everyday commuting (15km each way, medium condition asphalt roads, some paved / cement paths) and the occasional weekend ride on hills, and I have come across the KTM strada speed 1000 model which has a good price for what it offers IMO.

The bike carries Shimano WH-R501/30 wheels and Conti Ultra Sport 23-622 folding tires. I find the 23 size too thin for the road conditions I will use the bike on, and I can see that most similar category fitness bikes carry 700x28 tires.

My question is does anyone know if 700x28 tires can fit on the above wheels without problem?

Incidentally, the other candidate bikes I am looking at are
cannondale quick speed 4,
Lapierre Shaper 500 and
Whyte Cambridge

which all come around the 1000Euro budget I have, so any comments are welcome on that too.

I am 77 kg and reasonably fit (can run 20km in under 2hrs) and I cycle a Merida crossway trekking bike for quite a long time now (I don't want to upgrade that, since I use it in trails and also to carry the baby around).

Thanks for all the help and the valuable info you all provide.

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Re: thicker tires on same wheels question

Postby ugo.santalucia » Thu Feb 21, 2013 06:28 am

Yes, wheelwise is fine, but you need to check the rear tyre clearance... from the photo it looks very close to the seat tube, a 28 mm might or might not fit

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Re: thicker tires on same wheels question

Postby antonyfromoz » Thu Feb 21, 2013 07:36 am

I have an earlier model of the Merida speeder T5 which, apart from being a bit too big for me, is a fine bike in the same vein as the others you have chosen and might be worthwhile (especially if you are happy with the Merida you currently use) - ... -2013.aspx . It also has 28mm tyres as standard. One other thing - did you only want to consider flat bar bikes or might a cyclocross style bike be suitable for your needs? The often have brake handles on the tops of the bars so you can brake while sitting up and they are designed to withstand different road/track conditions with room for quite wide tyres if you wanted to use them but having the abilty to also be fitted with narrower tyres for some faster rides if that is something you also wanted to do later on.

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Re: thicker tires on same wheels question

Postby soiram » Thu Feb 21, 2013 21:02 pm

Thanks for the info guys. Will check with my LBS, since the test is an easy one to perform (pics can be deceiving in 2D!).

I will also check out the T5 you mention, seems to fit the requirements quite well (and is also available by the same LBS).

To be honest I haven't checked out cyclocross bikes at all. Sounds like I should though....

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