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Re: Strava & social media.

Postby Reane_Machine » Wed Feb 27, 2013 15:30 pm

I use both a lot, but none religiously.

I like Twitter because it's great for finding stuff out and gauging opinion, a lot of companies and even news channels diffuse breaking news through Twitter first and foremost these days so it's useful to be on the edge of what's occuring.

And as for Strava I think it's a great tool for monitoring progress and training as well as finding new routes.

That said, sometimes I will just go out on the bike and not turn Strava on, although I do not exactly feel a lot of pressure when it is on it can be nice to go 'off radar' for a ride or two.
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Re: Strava & social media.

Postby marylogic » Wed Feb 27, 2013 16:12 pm

AchillesLeftKnee wrote:
ShutUpLegs wrote:You have no knitted clothes?

I have clothes that were knit. However, I have no personal use for a knitting machine because I'm not involved in the bulk production of knitted clothes. There are other people out there who do have a personal use for a knitting machine. They produce knitted clothes. Those with direct involvement with knitting machines can, no doubt, wax lyrical with regards to the foibles of various models and share handy usage tips, whereas those of us who don't have such experience can offer little beyond "Oh, so that's what they look like".

Twitter therefore falls into the same category. It's not something I use, so attempting to pass comment on it would be futile.

Knitting machines are the Halfords of the yarncraft world. Much better with a handknitted garment... oops sorry got my knitting and cycling fora mixed up. Sorry.

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Re: Strava & social media.

Postby VeloBod » Fri Mar 01, 2013 09:42 am

ShutUpLegs wrote:You have no knitted clothes?


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