Newbie and decisions decisions

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Newbie and decisions decisions

Postby DorsetKev » Fri Mar 29, 2013 21:50 pm

Hi, just thought I'd introduce myself after spending the last two weeks studying the forum, reviews and numerous bike shops.
After spending the last ten years on a MTB and the last twelve months riding it with slicks regularly doing 80-100 mile rides I've decided it's time for a road bike to make life a little easier.

I'm going to get a bike on the Cycle to work scheme which means I'm limited to £1000 and unfortunately makes my decision difficult due to the options available in this bracket.
I have considered going carbon with Ribble or Planet-x as value for money is great but as it's my first road bike I really wanted a proper bike fit so I know I'm getting the best I can from the bike.

Made a trip to one of my LBS today and they had loads of options and great advice, including a full Retul bike fit, going to go back and test ride some bikes next week then that will hopefully narrow my choice a little.

I'm really looking for a comfortable bike due to the distances I'll be covering on long sportives and extended training rides once a week, must be light with reasonable finishing kit and a minimum of shimano 105 group set or equivalent. Bikes I'm considering so far are:
Giant Defy one 2013 £995.99
Cannondale Synapse alloy 105 2013 £1050.00
Felt Z85 2013 £925.00
Kuota Korsa Lite 105 2013 £1100.00

I am starting to lean towards the Giant or the Cannondale at the moment.

Thought I'd pop into Halfrauds on my way home to have a gander at the Boardman Team Carbon, although out of budget at £1299 and unlike my LBS they won't allow me to top up the voucher I still thought I'd try my luck.
It looked lovely in the flesh with full 105 group set including brakes, nice finishing kit, reasonable wheels and a tidy carbon frame.
My LBS would assemble and do me a bike fit so no problem there and to my delight it was on an Easter weekend special at £1169.99 and they would still except my 10% British Cycling discount, unfortunately that would only bring it down to £1053 but that was it and they wasn't going to budge, so they lost out on a sale for the sake of £53 Grrrrrr.

Any way test rides next week on the others and that should clear things up, I'll up date on my decision and post pics when the new bike arrives.


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Re: Newbie and decisions decisions

Postby Mikey41 » Fri Mar 29, 2013 22:31 pm

You've got a good looking shortlist there, best of luck! :)
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Re: Newbie and decisions decisions

Postby marylogic » Fri Mar 29, 2013 22:43 pm

There are some cycle to work schemes which allow top ups - it will depend on which one your employer is signed up with rather than the bike shop, so it may be worth a bit more investigation.

Although you could save up to £400 with the scheme, if you aren't happy with your bike and end up upgrading after a year you maybe haven't made that much of a saving.

Good luck whatever you decide

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Re: Newbie and decisions decisions

Postby Danlikesbikes » Fri Mar 29, 2013 23:11 pm

All 4 on your list are good bikes. Ask your LBS for a test ride and see how you get on as even in the right size they will all feel different & handle slightly differently and only once you have ridden them will you know which one you get on with and suits you.
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Re: Newbie and decisions decisions

Postby chuckla » Fri Mar 29, 2013 23:16 pm

They were all on my list after mountain biking, I settled on a Felt Z85! It's a beautiful bike, handles well and is very comfortable! It's quick and well spec'd, I had a felt hybrid prior to this and my mtb is a felt too, so maybe I'm biased! Tbh, all the bikes in the price range are very similar, so it's down to personal preference after test rides! Whatever you get though, just enjoy it! :D

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